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About Holy Spirit Tabernacle Int.

Rev. Be-Pound Kofi Baniba

Rev. Be-Pound Selom Kofi Baniba is a Disciple of Arch Bishop Nicholas Duncan Williams and sees Him as His mentor too. In recent times the Church had some challenges its one of the fastest growing church in Köln. Transition in Deutsch English and French.


The Holy Spirit Tabernacle International Founded 2015, by Rev. Be-Pound Selom Kofi Baniba. Since 2015, The Holy Spirit Tabernacle has been meeting at the Elizabeth Frau Haus in the Adams street 27 but of recent moved to the Tiefentalstr. 40, PLZ 51063 Köln Germany., and its putting resources together to commerce the construction of its main auditorium in the Volta Region.


The Holy Spirit Tabernacle launched on September 2015. Over the last 6 years, we have seen the manifestation of God’s power in the life of His children which attest to the fact that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Over the past 6 years, we have seen the tremendous manifestation of God’s power working in and through our people. See the History of God’s faithful to our denomination.


The history of His grace towards us, T.H.S.T is a multi-generational, multi-ethnic and cultural church in Köln. Or mission from the very beginning is “To be a Gospel Centered Mission Family”. The church is known around Köln and we intern going beyond Köln this year extend the mission to the prisons, less privilege homes, and the homeless in society. CHURCH PLANTS We starting that soon after the successful training of our first batch of pastors.


We belief in the totality of the bible. At the end of it all we want the gospel to be made known and for God to be glorified. Jesus did not only redeem but also adopted them into His family. We are a very simple church where everyone is welcomed and we don’t want to overload the calendars of our members with church activities, but we do want to help them worship and enjoy God in all they do. As we gather on Sunday in our gospel communities and scatter in to our normal life, we want to help them go deeper in applying the gospel and living missionally in everyday life.